Wednesday, May 24, 2017


It's winter in Cape Town and I have zero tan left after enduring two winters in a row. So basically I need all the help I can get at the moment. I think there is definitely an art to bronzing up well, avoiding ginger hairlines from orange foundation or worse foundation lines that end on the jaw line because the shade of foundation is too dark for your skin!

It's best to have a summer and a winter make-up kit, so that you can lighten your foundation in the winter and use a lighter bronzer to add colour. The key is to rather go with a lighter shade and build up the colour. If you are pale, there really is no way you can use a dark bronzer no matter how much you love the colour, if it's too dark it will make your make up look dirty and be too obvious.

My two favourite bronzer's are NARS Laguna and MAC Matte Bronze, no big bits of sparkle in them and they are natural bronze skin tones. 

Calypso Coral (Bobbi Brown) is another great multi-use product, the perfect summer coral for lips and cheeks. Also a wash of this on your eye lid will make blue or green eyes pop!

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