Friday, August 26, 2016


Right up until about 34 weeks I thought I was having a really fab time of it, being pregnant. I was incredibly grateful that I even managed to fall pregnant. I thought it wouldn't happen for me as my mother experienced so many problems. I was pleased as punch and just carrying on as usual. I wish I had listened to the advice of my mother and others who told me to slow down and take it easy. Rest more, stop heavy lifting. There I was laying turf in our new garden, lugging my heavy make up kit all over town and generally carrying on as normal. At 34 weeks I woke up with a twinge in my back, this twinge got worse as the days went on until one morning I couldn't get out of bed and my long suffering husband had to roll me out of bed and support me as I hobbled to the bathroom. NOW WHAT?! 

I had to cancel work (any freelancer knows this is a nightmare of mass proportion) when I'm not working I'm not on leave or having a day off I'm simply unemployed. So the thought of taking time off this close to my maternity (unpaid leave) was less than ideal.

First I saw an Osteopath who tried a few things over the hour slot, but I left feeling the same and two days later had no improvement. She did however diagnose me with PGP (pelvic girdle pain) sounds delightful, the word girdle is so sexy.

I began researching PGP and found a website dedicated to it, after all it effects 1 in 5 women during pregnancy. It was there that I saw a recommended therapist in a neighbouring borough. So off I hobbled to Bernadette. I was so relieved when she said she could help me and there were a few things I needed to do in order to get better. I had to buy a support belt (basically a giant sling for your hips) or as the hubs calls it my heavyweight belt, walk like a geisha, no swinging legs wide when getting in and out of the car or bed and ice my lower back every night. I followed this to the letter and 3 days later I was pain free. Soon I was belt free and all was back to normal. Well as normal as it gets having a baby the size of watermelon inside you. 

*For pregnant ladies the symptoms of PGP are pain in your legs and lower back or pelvis. Especially painful when trying to walk up stairs, roll over in bed or standing on one leg like you do when you get dressed.*


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