Friday, June 2, 2017


When I first thought of doing a story on tonging hair I couldn't help but recall the hilarious although terrifying youtube video of the girl who burns her hair off mid tutorial link here. This is literally my worst nightmare as a hairstylist. So fortunately I haven't had anything vaguely similar happen, so I think it's safe for me to give my tips on shoot ready waves.

On set the most common hair brief I'm given is "undone sexy waves, done but not done, wavy but not curly!" So here's how I create that look.


Always use a heat protection spray to avoid unsightly melted ends. I've used Aveda Damage Control.

Prep hair...

Prep hair with a holding product, hair spray will do. I'm using Bumble and bumble holding spray.

Section hair...

Take the time to section your hair, this will mean you get an even curl and don't miss out any pieces.
I'm using a Babyliss Pro Ceramic Tong

Angle it...

I find the easiest way to tong your own hair is to hold the tong with the handle up and wrap the hair around the tong from the handle to the bottom.

*Pro Tip*

I like curling the hair away from the face when working on sections that frame the face. Then I mix it up with some facing towards and some facing away as I work towards the back of the head. This alternating creates movement in the hair.

Counting 123...

If you don't hold the hair in the tong for long enough the curl won't hold. The hair needs to heat up in order to take on the new shape.

*Remember wands are a lot hotter than tongs and therefore need less hold time. Feel the hair if it's heated through then release.*

Hands up for hairspray...

You don't want the curls to flop, so spray for hold. I love Loreal Anti Frizz for hold and smell! 

Shake it...

Give your hair a good shake out to loosen the curls.

*Pro Tip*

If your hair is very straight or what I call virginal hair (hair that is unprocessed and far too healthy for it's own good) Pin each curl up with a clip and allow the hair to cool before taking it out. This will give your curls longevity.

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