Thursday, May 25, 2017


Red lips are for everyone!

An instant update to any look, it's the ultimate touch of glamour. Here are some fail-safe shades that wont disappoint.

Favourite reds...

MAC Ruby Woo or NARS Dragon Girl (classic reds), MAC So Chaud and NARS Red Square (orange red). 

These shades are a great place to start experimenting with red.

*Pro Tips*

  • Small Lips: Avoid darker tones of maroon, as this will only make lips look smaller, stick to bright shades.
  • Stained Teeth: If you are worried about yellow teeth, stick to blue undertones or the classic reds I suggested above (like Ruby Woo) the blue undertone of the lipstick counteracts the yellow in teeth.
  • Stay In The Lines: The key to a sophisticated look is all in the application, don't overdraw your lip line, keep things neat. Use a brush if you find this easier.
  • New to lipstick: Use a thick pencil lipstick like the NARS I suggested above as it's far easier to get a crisp lip line with a pencil than a standard lipstick.

What red is the right tone for my skin?

When it comes to skin tone and colour, I worry people get too caught up in this. I don't like rules when it comes to make-up so I generally go against them anyway. For example, I'm fair yet I tan easily, when it comes to choosing my red I feel I can wear orange red lipstick and classic red (cool toned) lip colours just as easily. I choose the colour more on what I fancy wearing and what clothes I'm wearing. Instead of worrying about wearing the wrong shade, try a few and see what sits well with your skin and what you feel comfortable wearing. Some will pop more than others and it's up to you how comfortable you are wearing the shade. The classic MAC Ruby Woo I've listed above is a colour I feel suits just about everyone and is a great place to start. If you have darker skin you can easily push the tone to the darker colour spectrum, colours like plum or red wine will look fab on you.


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