Saturday, June 3, 2017


Glowing skin must be the number one brief I get these days on shoots. We all want it! Here are my tips on getting that perfect balance of glowing, but not too shiny looking skin.

Ideally the glow should start from within. You've heard it all before but seriously drink lots of water! Make it a habit, fill up a jug of mint, cucumber and lemon and sip on this all day.

Antioxadant Hydramist from Dermalogica lives in my handbag, this spray really peps up my tired skin.

Give your skin an extra boost by using an overnight mask, perfect for busy people. After cleansing at night lather on a "sleep in" mask. I've found this to really give my skin a boost and by sleeping in it, it saves the whole sitting around for 15 minutes and then having to cleanse and start again routine. I'm loving Skoon Ruby Marine Overnight Mask.

If you aren't already there, it's time to get on the face oil train! I find them so nourishing, not only do they feel really moisturising through the winter months but they are incredibly calming after a day on a outdoor location shoot (a photoshoot where we generally get battered by the wind and sun or both). I find it a skin saviour on days like that. In the winter months put a few drops under your moisturiser, keeping skin protected from moisture loss throughout the day. I'm using Sisley Paris Black Rose Precious Face Oil which sadly has a hefty price tag. For a more frugal buy try Rosehip healing facial oil. 

My fail safe go to for make-up glow is MAC Skin Finish in Soft and Gentle. Applied where the light hits your face, just above the cheekbones, bridge of the nose and just below the eyebrow. Blend well. Another staple in my kit is MAC Strobe Cream, it's saved the day on many occasions. From tired models jetting in over night straight on to a shoot, early call times to a bride who didn't sleep the night before her big day. Apply it under the foundation for a subtle glow or after foundation as a highlighter on the same highlight spots I mentioned above.


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