Sunday, June 4, 2017


As you can see in the pic above, my brushes are by no means new and pristine, they are so well used and so loved! I've got a rather large brush roll in my kit, with lots of different brushes I've collected over the years. Sometimes when I work with clients they comment on how many brushes I have with a defeated sigh, as if to say do we really need all of those?! Absolutely not! I have about three brushes in my personal make-up bag and I use my fingers to do the rest of the work. I've listed the brushes I can't live without below and I feel if you can invest in some of these, with care they can last you for years to come. I have rarely had to replace brushes in my kit and I've used them daily for the last 12 years.

1) Concealer Brush
2) Angled Face Brush
3) Eyebrow Brush (comb and angles brush)
4) Large Dome Blender
5) Large Dome Applicator
6) Small Dome Applicator
7) Foundation Brush
8) Sheer Dome Powder Brush

I am not awfully loyal to a specific brand when it comes to things like concealer or lip brushes, you can use any brush that looks like the one above. Most importantly a concealer brush should be flat and synthetic. 

An Angled Face Brush is great for defining your cheek bones with bronzer as the shape makes it easy to glide under the cheek bone. It doubles up as a blusher brush too for applying blusher on the apples (cheeks).

The Bobbi Brown Eyebrow Brush is a great buy as it is double ended with a lovely small angled brush on the end which is perfect for filling in eyebrows with shadow or eyeliner. I'm all about products/tools that are multifunctional.

The Large Dome Blender Brush 224 from MAC is amazing at blending, from concealer to eyeshadow I have about four in my kit. 

I use the MAC Large Dome Applicator 217 for applying my base colour to the whole eye area, I also use it to define the crease and the dome shape works well at effortlessly bringing out that crease.

MAC Small Dome Applicator 213 brush is for applying pigment or darker shadow to the eye area, it's small so easier to control where you place the shadow. Once you have applied your darker shadow or pigment go back and use either your 302 or 303 for blending.

Now for my favourite brush, the Expert face brush from Real Techniques (foundation brush), Im hoping that they bring real techniques to SA soon, it's affordable and I really love their brushes. This brush is great for applying foundation and cream blusher.

Sheer Dome Powder Brush for powdering the face to set make-up and get rid of the shine we don't want to see.


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