Thursday, May 25, 2017


With out sounding like I have a drinking problem, I want to give you some quick make up-up tips for brunch on a hang over. I think most of us have been there, that brunch you agreed to before you knew you were going "out out."

The danger in this situation is slapping on too much in the hope that this will some how distract your brunch date from your shameful state. The key is to keep it simple but to get yourself looking fresher than you feel.

Get the glow...

  • Brighten up your complexion with a glow balm, I've used MAC strobe cream. Then to even out any blotchiness use a tinted moisturiser, they have added skin care benefits too and lets be honest we need all the help we can get! Ive used Rodial. 

  • Give the illusion of rest and correct those dark circles with a concealer, I like a pen as they are simply easy. If you need a better coverage go for a cream concealer. 
  • Adding colour back into the face work a bright colour of cream blush onto the cheeks I've used Bobbi Brown Calypso Coral. I love these as they can double up as lip stains and even look good washed over the eye area.

Eyes Bright...

  • Work a shade of brown or black with a small brush into the top lash line as close as you can get it, this gives the illusion of thicker lashes from the roots.
  • Mascara next, take the time to do three coats it makes all the difference. Don't allow the lashes to dry before you go for another coat, do one side then the other, then repeat. Building up the thickness.


  • With a dab of colour lip balm to the lips to once again add some colour and brightness to the face.

*Pro Tip*

  • Add a bit of sparkle in a champagne colour to the inner corners of your eyes, this opens and brightens them.


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