Thursday, July 6, 2017


I find there is so much information around diet and nutrition these days. Every day it's something new, high protein, high fat, no sugar, vegan. I personally find it very confusing and sometimes feel like what the hell am I supposed to eat now? Everything is bad! Lately I have been trying to adopt a more balanced way at looking at lifestyle. What is it that makes me feel good, coupled with some logic. It's all about making good decisions at most meals, while still enjoying food and life.

My conclusion is plants are good for you! I try to eat as many and as much variety as I can. I've made simple changes like almond milk in my coffee. Avoiding milk really helps with my sinuses and skin which is pretty sad because who doesn't love cheese? I have started cooking Tofu (one thing Chris cannot accept), beans and lentils more. It's been fun experimenting with new flavours and recipes. 

There are some amazing Instagram accounts and blogs for ideas and inspiration. 

Some Favourites...

This is my favourite cook book, honestly everything in here is so delicious and flavourful.


I like his YouTube channel and his beard!


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