Friday, August 18, 2017


It's winter in Cape Town, although this really doesn't mean winter like it's winter in Europe, most days are dry and sunny. But it's still not "get your legs out" kind of weather and my tan is long gone. I have done two winters consecutively and before you ask, I do question my life decisions. Why did we leave Europe in the summer to move to Cape Town in the winter?

I have been using Garnier Summer Body and I find it to be the best gradual tan I've found, smell wise and colour wise.

I'm not a big fan of that selftan smell that lingers all day. This product smells of apricots and offers 12 hours of moisturisation while building your tan naturally and gradually. With less than 3 months to go, I can almost taste summer! Here's hoping I don't scare the locals off when I bear my legs for the first time.

*Pro Tip*  

I use bath gloves to keep skin clear of dead skin cells so that my selftan stays streak free.


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