Sunday, September 17, 2017


The benefits of vegetable smoothies are endless. A great way to get a vitamin hit, boosting your immune system and giving you that glow. When we get busier and put our nutritional needs on the back burner, drinking fresh veg smoothies becomes even more important. We should be consuming mostly vegetables, at all meals. Hard to do on the traditional western diet. Having a smoothie as a meal substitute or snack is a good way of ensuring you get your greens in daily. The Nutribullet has been a great investment in our home, it makes breakfast easy and I often have a smoothie if I have run out of ideas for lunch or am in a hurry. I think the perfect recipe for a smoothie is mostly veg (as much variety as possible) and one portion of fruit to take the edge off. Include lots of good fat too, like seeds, nuts and coconut oil, this benefits your skin and also keeps you full for longer. Nuts have a bad name for being calorific, but they are packed full of protein, essential fatty acids and some benefits include being anti-inflammatory and promoting skin cell regeneration.

Quick Glow Smoothie Recipe...

1/2 frozen banana
Small handful raw mixed nuts and seeds
Flaxseed (Omega-3 & Fibre)
Tbsp coconut oil
Handful blueberries
Tbsp Maca Powder (helps with skin sensitivity and breakouts amongst other benefits)


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