Wednesday, November 15, 2017


I first spotted Skin Creamery in a boutique in Cape Town while out from London on holiday in February, I loved the look and ethos behind it immediately. It's exciting to see South African beauty brands emerging, especially cruelty free products that are good for our planet and our bodies.

This week marks the third week of using the products and they have seen me through some pretty rough times! I have been working back to back, on outdoor shoots, which means being exposed to all the elements - wind, sun and even rain! From one extreme to the next, boiling hot to freezing cold, needless to say my skin has taken a beating.

Every night it's been a relief to get home and wash the grime of the day away with the Oil-Milk Cleanser, it effortlessly removes make-up, sunblock and in my case, sand from a windy day shooting on the beach. Skin feels hydrated and there is no tight feeling after drying.

I use a few drops of the Facial Hydrating Oil on damp hands to massage into the face, it's a lightweight oil that is easily absorbed into the skin and leaves you looking more dewy than oily. Rich in Jojoba, Melon Seed and Baobab oil, the latter containing antioxidants, which naturally protect against the elements.

Finishing off my night skin routine with Everyday Cream, which I apply from face to d├ęcolletage (you can go further, as it is a face and body cream). I love the simplicity of one cream for day and night. Rich in Coconut oil, known for it's healing properties, regenerating and rejuvenates the skin along with Jojoba oil that helps inhibit the growth of bacteria that causes pimples and blackheads.

Skin Creamery products have that Spa feeling about them, an all round luxurious product at an affordable price point.

Images via Skin Creamery 

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