Tuesday, January 23, 2018


This is not a pretty post, nor glamorous by any means, but hopefully helpful. At the moment if you are living in Cape Town, you will have one thing on your mind, Water.

I have put together a quick list of 4 ways you can save water in your beauty routine today. Every drop counts at this stage.

Micellar Water:
Make sure to remove all traces of make up, sunblock and grime from the day with a micellar water first. I love Bioderma and Garnier. Garnier being cheaper and in my opinion just as good. Use a cotton pad and the micellar water to thoroughly cleanse your face. After this use a cleanser that doesn't require water to foam, something like Skin Creamery Oil-Milk Cleanser. Massage onto your face, then using a cotton pad dipped in a tiny bit of water, remove the cleanser.

Leave In Conditioner:
Instead of having to rinse shampoo and conditioner, skip the latter and instead use a leave-in conditioner. Something light like, KMS Moist Repair Leave-In Conditioner.

Dry Shampoo:
Extend time in between washes with a spritz of dry shampoo to the roots of your hair, the best I've tried is Batiste, available at Clicks. Another tip to extend between washes is to blow dry or straighten your hair, as this often tends to dry out oily roots.

Hand Sanitiser:
Instead of washing hands a million times a day, use hand sanitiser. I love the all natural Tea Tree Hand Sanitiser from Earthsap.

My last tip, although probably the most important. Reduce your meat/ animal product consumption. Raising that cow to get your piece of steak and pint of milk uses a LOT more water than all these water saving tips combined. 

If you have any other tips, please leave a comment below. We can still avoid day zero if we all stick to our restriction of below 50 letres per person per day.



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