Monday, January 28, 2019


The First Lady of beauty, Florence Nightingale Graham aka Elizabeth Arden was named after the original Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing. A fitting name for Miss Arden, as she briefly worked as a nurse and was inspired by the use of creams to treat burns. 

She later moved to New York and worked the circuit, from bookkeeper at a pharmaceutical company, to a beauty parlour assistant, to eventually opening her first red door salon on New York’s Fifth Avenue, in 1910. In 1930 the cosmetic genius developed and launched Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream, so brilliant in its formula that this multipurpose balm has remained the same for over 88 years! It was famously used to heal her horse’s legs and hooves. Today a tube of Eight Hour Cream is sold every 30 seconds around the world.

To celebrate 88 years of success, Elizabeth Arden has collaborated with artist James Goldcrown, best known for his insta-famous #lovewall to create a message of love and healing through the limited edition Love Heals x Eight Hour Collection. What a great addition to your handbag or nightstand! 

10 Uses for 8 Hour Cream:

Chapped nose: Dab around the nasal area, works well as a barrier when blowing your nose regular.
A highlighter: when you want a dewy sheen on your cheekbones, minus the sparkle, pat a little Eight Hour on.
Fix flyaways: Use a tiny amount to lock down flyaways.
Take-off: When your skin is struggling mid-flight, dab on any dry bits, from your face to your elbows. 
Tame brows: Keep brows in place with a slick of this cult balm.
Cuticle rescue: Massage into cuticles to keep nail beds healthy. 
Soothe your wounds: It works wonders on burns, cuts and shaving nicks.
Help for your heels: Smooths cracked and dry heels, apply under socks for an overnight intense treatment. 
Glossy lids: A dab of this balm on naked lids, gives you a modern glossy finish. Or turn your eyeshadow into a cream shadow by dabbing some eight hour over matte eyeshadow.
Layer it: This balm is a perfect base for a shimmer pigment or glitter, it’s tacky enough to hold onto the particles to give you extra pigment power.


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