Tuesday, January 22, 2019


This is a new practice for me, even though I've known about the benefits of dry brushing for a while now, I have never really made time to actually get into the habit of doing it. I would say i've started now more out of necessity, than anything else!

Forget the expensive miracle cures that promise cellulite banishment, it's proven that regular dry brushing will do more to erase dimples and tone wobbly bits than they will.

Besides the aesthetic benefits, the humble bristle brush can also improve overall health and well-being of your body. Since I have adopted this new habit, doing it everyday for about a month, I can honestly see a huge improvement to the texture of my skin, it's smoother and feels silky as if its had a good scrub.

Reasons To Brush:

1. Good way to exfoliate without using a scrub.
2. Prevents ingrown hairs
3. Helps you tone without actually gyming up a storm.
4. Reduce the appearance of cellulite
5. Overall energy increase
6. Soothing, reducing stress and anxiety
7. Releases toxins
8. Improves circulation
9. Brightens skin and improves texture

How Does It Work:

Dry brushing encourages blood flow that instantly speeds up the transportation of oxygen and nutrients to the cells and tissue to help increase collagen for a smooth and supple appearance.

Dry Brushing 101:

Go for a natural fibre brush.
Ideally brush in the morning on dry skin, before you shower.
Use Long upward strokes from feet, up legs, from hands to shoulders, upwards on the torso, always towards the heart.
Cleanse brush once a week with soap and water.

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