Monday, February 11, 2019


When I first visited a Lush store in the UK, I was totally overwhelmed by the smell, so I did a quick once over and decided it was not for me. Then I started seeing them pop up all over town and it baffled me how they were always filled to the brim with teenage girls, I didn't get what the fuss was about.

It was only after I relocated to SA and started working as a Beauty Ed that my Beauty Assistant (who just happens to really know her shit when it comes to skincare) encouraged me to try their products, I caved and tried them.

Fast forward a few months and now I am a complete Lush convert. To put it lightly I am obsessed with their Rose Jam shower gel. It reminds me of Turkish delights and I have even caught the hubby bathing in it too! Chris also uses their face and body scrub Ocean Salt daily which is fantastic at sloughing away dead skin cells and keeping his beard in tip top shape, while still being very gentle as he has sensitive skin.

I've also recently tried and loved the Massage bars, which are hard soap like bars of moisturiser that soften when coming into contact with your skin. There is so much I still want to try, Sleepy moisturiser, Happy Hippy shower gel, the bath bombs, the scrubs.... OBSESSED!

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